The Vision

I believe mixing is incredibly important. Producers can spend hundreds of hours honing a song, but if the mix isn't right, the song is never quite right. My goal as a mixer is to take what's in the producer's head and dreams and capture it in a final mix.

Song Mixing

The first service I offer is song mixing. You send me files - either a full song file in Pro Tools or Logic, or individual wav files - we talk about what's in your head and then I mix until it's right. My fee is a very reasonable $200/song


stem mixing

Perhaps you like the overall feel of your tracks and you want to keep the existing integrity of how the vocals fit together, or how the keys and guitars play off each other in your rough mix. You send me pre-mixed stems (up to 16) and I simply listen and mix the stems with fresh ears, mixing until it's right. My fee for Stem Mixing is $200/song.

online worship mixing

More than ever, statistics are telling us the online experience is vital to attracting new people to church. The average new attendee has watched as many as 10 services online before stepping foot on your campus. So, having your online experience match the "in the room experience is vital". If you can multi-track your music (i.e, individual tracks via Dante card in your digital mixer), I can post-mix your service. My fee is $150/week (for up to 6 songs) with a 6 month contract. Click HERE for some examples.

NOTES: I take music gear in trade for payment or partial payment for mixing. We'll agree on a value for any gear you desire to trade and that can go towards the end payment.