Help Carmen & Family Recover

Sometimes when something as huge as Hurricane Harvey hits, it is hard to know where to go and what to do. You know there is suffering and pain, but it's hard to know where to start and how to help without someone you know being affected.

Well, one of my close friends and her family live in Vidor, Texas - a town that still today, Sunday Sept 3, is still under water. My friend Carmen lives with her mother, and their house was covered in over 6 feet of water. They lost everything, quite literally.



I wish I had the money to just write a check and solve all their problems, but I don't. But I know the best people in the world who have followed my career and I think en masse we can make a huge difference.

So - how?

1st - is Carmen's GoFundMe page. If you have some extra money and can give, please give.

2nd - For the next 4 weeks, the profit from every album I sell here on my website will go to Carmen. CLICK HERE and buy an album or albums, get it shipped straight to your house and help a very good cause. If you can afford it, buy multiple CDs - you'll get music to hand out to friends and family and help a great cause. Roughly 65-75% of each CD sale will go to Carmen and her family at the end of the month.

3rd - if you can't do anything else, please pray.

Carmen is one of thousands, but she means the world to me, and I hope that I can convince you to help how you can!

With love,
Chris Sligh