Chris Sligh


I believe that music does something to us and for us. I believe music is important, even though the world around us has devalued it monetarily. I believe that music should be at the center of our lives and we should listen to learn and be challenged and to feel and to attain something beautiful. I believe that music is spiritual and speaks to something deeper than our homo sapien brain. I believe in music.

I believe the act of creativity is the point, not the execution of it. We creative create not for a product but for the experience of creation and learning how to better do what we do. When the product becomes the end, it gets out of whack. Learn to love creation and the product will actually end up better. I believe in creativity.

I believe that leadership is servanthood. I believe that leaders should be willing to receive critique far more often than they give it. I believe leaders should question themselves first before pointing to others. I believe heart is more important than action and people are more important than results. I believe in humble leadership.

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