In 2001, I answered an ad at a local coffee shop that said, “Do you want to record a free album?” Um… yes, please. I had no money and a handful of songs I’d written, and I just wanted to listen to them in my car. I recorded that album in a bedroom on early digital recording with a Roland Keyboard, a V-drum kit, a Boss GT-3 and 2 acoustics and 1 electric guitar. My producer Steve Lorch and I did our best with what we had and I was in love with the process.

In 2002, however, I was given a large sum of money to record my next album by some investors. I spent nearly $20,000 - which is a TON of money now, but even more back then - on an album that ended up sounding like crap. And I had no idea why it sounded like crap. So I dedicated myself to learning how to make music sound great.

I was in and out of studios in the Upstate of South Carolina; I bought my own Roland 1680 - the early digital recording system I’d used on my first record with Steve - and a preamp and some microphones, and I slowly but surely began to get better and better demos. When my band recorded our album with Steven Leiweke in Nashville in 2004, I watched everything he did and took copious notes on how he used equipment and microphones and how he got the sounds he did. And in 2005 when I got my 1st Pro Tools system, it began a journey I’m still on.

From those early days of recording to being in the studio with Grammy-winning producers and engineers like Brown Bannister and F. Reid Shippen and Sean Moffitt and many more, I have watched and learned … and now have a proven track record of being able to produce songs at a professional level for a wide range of artists and genres.


Are you a modern pop artist? I would LOVE to help you shape your sound and compete with the artists you want to be like and sound like. Worship artist? With years of experience helping shape church music, I know I can help you get the sound you’re going for. Country artist? I would love to help you sound exactly how you’d like.

No matter the genre, I can help. While I can play all the instruments used in modern music and program like most modern producers do, I think of myself more in the vein of producers like Rick Rubin and Brown Bannister, the producers who shifted between multiple genres because they had a felt sense for what the song needed, not to make the music sound like themselves. That’s my goal as a producer: to help you find your voice.

And I am a professional songwriter who also has a proven record of helping artists like you find their voice in their songwriting, and for helping songwriters make their songs better.

And you won’t find someone who can give the quality I can give for cheaper. Unlike most producers, I give my fees out in the open:

For 1-3 songs, I charge $1200/song*, each song fully produced, mixed and mastered.

For 4-9 songs, I charge $750/song*.

For more than 10 songs, I charge $600/song*.

I would love to work with you. Send me your information below. Let’s get started!

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* denotes the cost of me working on the song and giving you a professional mix and master. If we mutually agree that the project would be helped by the addition of specific musicians — I know many of the most talented session musicians in Nashville, and can get them on a song easily, if we need it — the cost of that musician (typically, $50-100/song) would be in addition to my production fee. If the artist chooses to get it mixed and/or mastered elsewhere, those costs would also be in addition to my production fee.