music production / Mixing / Mastering

When I came out of college my goal was to be a songwriter and a producer. I didn't want to sing. I just fell into it because I couldn't find anyone to sing my songs. Now-a-days my favorite thing to do is work with artists to maximize their vision for creating something lasting.

I started off with an 8-track cassette tape recorder, then graduated to a Roland 1680 (the original digital recording!) I have recorded full albums on burnt version of Logic for PC because we couldn't afford a studio and they didn't sell Logic for PC anymore... and we didn't have a Mac. And I've recorded and produced in some of the biggest, most-professional studios in the world. 

Everything from that cassette tape recorder to working in big studios has been about creating something and having fun doing it. Every step of the way. Recording should be fun and it should sound good (or like you want it, if 'good' isn't what you want). That's what I offer.

I can produce for you.
I can help you arrange and edit your songs (song production).
I can record instruments (guitars, bass, synths) for you.
I can program drums for you.
I can mix your songs for you.
I can master your songs for you.

And every step of the way, no matter how little or how much I'm doing for you, I promise we'll have fun doing it. And I'd bet you're going to have a hard time finding the equal quality for the price I offer it at. I want to work with you. From live albums to studio EPs to recording a single, we can do something special together!

Here are a handful of the tracks I've produced over the past few years:

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