Chris Sligh Master Classes (the entire series)

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Chris Sligh Master Classes (the entire series)

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This purchase includes all of the videos and materials from the series of Master Classes: Songwriting For the Church.

#1 in the series - "Songwriting 101" - delves into the principles of songwriting Chris has learned over the past 17 years of songwriting professionally. He will shine light on his own process as well as other ways of doing things he's learned from other professional songwriters.

#2 in the series - "The Discipline of Writing" delves into the importance of creating a routine around writing, the process of creating that discipline in your life, ways to be creative when you don't "feel" it, and much more.

#3 in the series - "Building a Songwriting Culture" - delves into how Chris built songwriting cultures in multiple churches he worked and served in; as well as how to excite and engage your team and teach them to write songs based in the heart of your church. This also will talk about the art of songwriting and how to develop a strategy for writing songs for YOUR congregation (that could also work for other congregations).

#4 in the series - "Casting Vision" - delves into the how to effectively cast vision to your superiors; how to cast vision and get buy in from your team; how to effectively and knowledgeably know and understand how to plan for the future of this part of your ministry; and how to effectively cast vision to your congregation about original songs as you begin to introduce them in your regular worship song rotation/set lists. 

Each of these Classes in the series will come with multiple videos, as well as study materials and work sheets.

Finally, the culmination of these videos will be a Google Hangout Q&A on either Feb 26th or 27th at 7pm. In this 75-90 minutes Q&A, I'll answer any and all questions that come up, as best I can!


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