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When God so actively called me back into this ministry, I didn't want to do it. I fought it. There was a lot of fear around doing this again. The honest truth is that when I did it before, I allowed the music business and its trappings to infect me and I allowed the way things are done to insulate me from authentic interactions and real relationships. I unwittingly allowed myself to become a man I didn't want to be. And nothing was worth returning to that.

I called what I did ministry, yet I had booking agents and managers and tour managers who all kept me from every having any meaningful contact with anyone. I'm not downplaying the ability for songwriters like me to "do ministry" with their songs... but after spending almost 7 years in full-time church ministry, I knew that if God was truly calling me back to this, then I wanted to see Him redeem this and for me to actually do ministry.

Here’s more about that:

What I do is not the music business. What I do is not normal. I try to provide an experience rooted in service and grounded in relationship. And so I provide options:

This is the option that looks most like "normal". I come to your church or venue, and I present a little more than an hour of songs - both mine and popular worship songs - and stories and testimonies of what God has done in my life.

COST: $300 travel deposit + hotel night or nights of the show + a love offering during the show.

This is my favorite standalone option. Typically a church will host and will partner with a couple of other churches to promote to their people. No radio. No over the top promotion. Just churches inviting their people to come and to invite their friends who maybe wouldn't come to church normally. I join the church's or churches' band (if multiple churches, we simply combine teams) and their worship leaders for roughly 45 minutes of corporate worship. Somewhere in the middle of the worship set, the band takes a break and I do a 40-ish minute time of stories and my original songs.

Every night I do one of these worship nights, I do a different set list. I am focused on your churches worshipping, so we do the songs that they know. And I lead alongside your church's worship leaders (typically 1-3 others; if we do 9 songs I typically lead 3 of them), and learn from them and hopefully I get to encourage them also.

COST: $300 travel deposit + hotel night or nights of the show + love offering during the worship night

I love this option, too. I come and join your team for weekend services. We lead in your normal services and I typically might do 1-3 "specials" of my original songs and I share my testimony. 

I also speak on worship. It's one of my favorite things to do, is to teach congregations about worship. I can take the entire sermon time or do a 15-20 devotional that is followed by a back and forth with the teaching pastor. My goal is to add value to your church's worship program, whether it be via speaking (something I do often) or via worship through music alone.

COST: $300 travel deposit + hotel + love offering or negotiated honorarium, if your church doesn't do love offerings in services.

One of my favorite things to do is to share my philosophy of worship, Three-Dimensional Worship

Three-Dimensional Worship is a philosophical framework developed to help any church's worship ministry build around for a balanced and well-built worship ministry. It is not about providing answers, as much as the building blocks for giving backbone and undergirding to existing worship philosophy.  You can read more about Three-Dimensional Worship HERE.

The workshop is roughly three hours of vision-casting, Q&A and practical building blocks to help your worship ministry take next steps.

COST: Standalone (i.e, this is all you bring me out for) $300 travel deposit + hotel (if needed) + $1000.

This is IMO the best option - definitely my favorite - and the most bang for your buck. Basically, it's a combination of several of these options. Typically, I come on Saturday morning (or Fri night, depending on travel/flight needs). Saturday morning of afternoon we have a Workshop. Saturday night, I typically will spend time with you and your ministry leaders for dinner (if you'd like), talking about your ministry. Then I lead with your team on Sunday morning and/or speak to your church on worship (i.e., I'm involved in your Sunday morning services). Then on Sunday night we reconvene for a worship night.

COST: $500 travel deposit + hotel for all nights needed (typically Fri-Sat, sometimes depending on travel needs, Sunday night, too) + $500 (workshop) + Honorarium for Sun morning (typically $500) + love offering in the worship night Sun night.


In conclusion: my goal is to be an encouragement and a ministry to you and your church. 

You can expect several conversations with me about what your ministry is doing and its strengths and needs. When we are together, I am open to spending time with you and your team. My focus is to pour out whatever God has for you and to also learn and grow from you and your experience.

Chris Sligh came to do a night of worship at our church. It was a huge blessing to me and my community. Seriously, you guys need to contact him about coming to your church.
— - Clifton Worley, Christian Life Assembly, Picayune
Chris Sligh... led the band for four services plus a full run-through for us, spent time after our Saturday services fielding questions and hanging out with some of our worship leaders, and spent time with our team between all the services. He’s a great dude, and I had a blast serving with him this weekend. He was a great blessing to us!
— - Bill Horn, Worship Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church Topeka
Had a tremendous night of worship last night! 2 churches combined and joined with Chris Sligh to lead.... Partner with guys like Chris. He’s doing an incredible job building relationships and building the church.
— Mike Lorah, Worship Pastor, Gateway Church Visalia
Chris Sligh was the most humble performer our church has ever hosted. He has a clear God given talent that our congregation was able to see. It was truly amazing to see the work that God can do in someone’s life who is faced with THE choice of being a mainstream or Christian artist. Hopefully, Chris will be able to come back to our church and perform once again. We were truly blessed to have him.
— Mario Zamorano, Lead Pastor Recovery House of Worship, Los Angeles
We invited Chris Sligh to our church about two years ago for a mini-worship camp for our praise team. This camp was a game changer for our praise team and also for our church! It was very helpful to offer this camp on site. It allowed Chris the opportunity to work with our praise team on their home turf and with all of their own equipment. Chris listened, offered valuable criticisms, and even met with our church leadership team to share some suggestions to move towards excellence in our worship services. Our praise team improved dramatically as a result of this camp! Chris mentored the praise team with a high level of professionalism and all of it was grounded in his three passions: his love for Jesus, his love of music, and his pursuit of excellence! If your church is striving for excellence in worship, I would highly recommend bringing Chris Sligh on site for a mini-worship camp for your praise team!
— - Tim Schulte, Lead Pastor Eureka United Methodist Church, Eureka, MO

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