1. service

Chris works hard to actually serve the ministries with which he partners. His goal is to - within reason - try to shape what he does to meet the needs of your people and your ministry.

2. relationship

The most important thing to Chris in this phase of his career is people. He is looking to know about YOUR ministry and to know how to pray for YOU. You will receive emails from Chris - not just from his team - leading up to the event. 

3. anointing

Chris is an anointed worship leader and singer and is gifted in both telling a story and leading people into worship.

4. A show

A Chris Sligh show brings a unique blend of high energy showmanship with earthy, folksy storytelling that will leave you in stitches and will make you feel something, and quiet, contemplative, worshipful moments.

5. Partners INternational

Chris partners with the international missions organization, Partners International. In each concert, he presents a vision for taking the name of Jesus worldwide via national ministries all over the world, and asks others to partner with him and Partners to truly follow the Great Commission.

Chris Sligh was the most humble performer our church has ever hosted. He has a clear God given talent that our congregation was able to see. It was truly amazing to see the work that God can do in someone’s life who is faced with THE choice of being a mainstream or Christian artist. Hopefully, Chris will be able to come back to our church and perform once again. We were truly blessed to have him.
— Mario Zamorano, Lead Pastor Recovery House of Worship, Los Angeles
We invited Chris Sligh to our church about two years ago for a mini-worship camp for our praise team. This camp was a game changer for our praise team and also for our church! It was very helpful to offer this camp on site. It allowed Chris the opportunity to work with our praise team on their home turf and with all of their own equipment. Chris listened, offered valuable criticisms, and even met with our church leadership team to share some suggestions to move towards excellence in our worship services. Our praise team improved dramatically as a result of this camp! Chris mentored the praise team with a high level of professionalism and all of it was grounded in his three passions: his love for Jesus, his love of music, and his pursuit of excellence! If your church is striving for excellence in worship, I would highly recommend bringing Chris Sligh on site for a mini-worship camp for your praise team!
— - Tim Schulte, Lead Pastor Eureka United Methodist Church, Eureka, MO