worship & Social Media Augmentation

Recent studies show us that the average new church attender has checked out a church's online experience at least 3 times and as many as 10 times. What this tells us, I think, is that one of, if not THE most underestimated factor in introducing people to your church is the online service experience. While live streaming is becoming more and more the norm, many if not most churches cannot afford to hire another engineer to mix for broadcast and with the new labor laws, it's hard to justify overtime for an already-overworked sound guy to mix a service in post.

What I offer is a solution that allows for your online experience to feel as much like the "in the room" experience as it can; as well as solutions for marketing your church better through social media, for far cheaper than hiring a live online experience mixer, or trying to train someone to do it even close to the same quality for free.

Wanna hear some results? Some examples of before and after I began mixing? 

BEFORE (Parkview Church)

And after...

Before (at Shoreline Church)

And after (Shoreline Church)


I would love to partner with your church in creating an experience that helps reach people in ways you have not yet reached them. If that sounds interesting, please reach out via the form below. I'd love to walk you through the details!


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