The Cost of Leadership

I remember my dad told me once that raising kids was hard because on one hand you want to teach your kids to think for themselves and to be able to become functioning human beings in the real world, once they're no longer living under your roof... but you also REALLY want them to do what you tell them!

I think leadership is that. Times eleven.

Surround yourself with high value, high capacity leaders and I guarantee you that at some level you will be frustrated with the fact that the people you lead aren't doing the things you're having them do exactly how you want it to be.

And that's okay.

The cost of leadership is an awful lot like the cost of parenting: your people won't always do it how you would've... but they often do it better. Trust that you made the right choices in choosing your people, and give them credit when they get it right. It isn't glory for you, sure. But it's the best thing for your team.